Business Immigration

As a country of liberal democracy and free market economy, Canada established many programs of Business Immigration for foreign entrepreneurs, start-uppers, and investors.


Canada was established by entrepreneurial immigrants who were seeking new opportunities in the New World. That’s why, today, Canada continues supporting initiatives aimed at the development of international business partnerships and welcomes entrepreneurs and investors to settle in Canada and launch their business for the common good of Canadian and Global society. Foreign businessmen who come to Canada bring new opportunities for Canadians by creating new workplaces and local jobs.

Business Immigration Programs

There are several federal programs for business immigration such as:

  • Immigrant Investor Program
  • Start-up Visa Program
  • Self-Employed Persons Program

Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program was developed to attract experienced business investors to settle and invest in Canada while creating long-term opportunities and jobs. To qualify for the Immigrant Investor Program the candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the required business experience;
  • Have a net worth of $1,600,000 CAD gained legally;
  • Commit to investing $800,000 CAD into the Canadian economy.

The investment will be returned in full to the investor in five years. IRCC will use the funds for 5 years to develop the local economy and create jobs both on the provincial and federal levels.

Start-Up Visa Program

This program invites foreign entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups in Canada. Successful candidates may find partners in the private sector or public sectors to get funding, guidance and expertise in the opening and operating their enterprise in Canada. Start-ups are important in overall Canadian economic growth, implementing innovative ideas and new technologies into profitable enterprises and creating work opportunities.

Start-Up Visa applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet the language requirements of CLB 5 in English or French;
  • Have confirmed intention to invest in from a third party the amount of $75,000 CAD;
  • Have confirmed investment intent of at least $200,000 CAD from a venture capital fund
  • Plan to settle in a province other than the Province of Quebec;
  • Pass Canadian security check and medical exam.

Self-Employed Persons Program

More and more people all over the world become self-employed. Self-employment becomes increasingly popular as it allows flexible and contracts opportunities with multiple business partners and employers allowing the self-employed workforce to control income and work time.

Canada recognizes the importance of self-employed workforce for the national economy. To be able to eligible for Self-Employed Persons Program, a candidate must demonstrate relevant skills, at least two years of work experience as a self-employed, and the ability to support himself and his family with self-employed.

Provincial Business Immigration Programs

In addition to Federal Business Immigration Programs, many provinces developed their own business immigration streams within their Provincial Nominee Programs.

The list of the most popular Provincial Business Immigration Programs:

  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Category
  • British Columbia Strategic Projects Category
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot
  • Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Nova Scotia Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Ontario Entrepreneur Stream
  • Ontario Corporate Stream
  • Prince Edward Island Business Impact Category
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Category
  • Northwest Territories Business Driven Program
  • Yukon Business Nominee
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