Refugee Status

Individuals may be granted asylum in Canada as a refugee if their life and security are endangered in his or her home country.


In 1951, Canada signed the Geneva Convention and recognized a basic human right for refugee status claim. This status guarantees liberty and security of the person and is also enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The International definition of refugee

According to Article 1 of the Geneva Convention, also known as the 1951 Refugee Convention, and, as amended by the 1967 Protocol, a refugee is:

Refugee Status


Refugees in Canada

Canada is one of the international leaders and a prominent advocate for humanitarian help and human rights activist. Canada offers a strong refugee protection policy and provides a reliable support system. During its history, Canada has been offering asylum for political activists, individuals who faced religious, racial or ethnic prosecution, members of the LGBTQ communities, as well as people running from war.


In 2015, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau invited refugees from Syria to come to Canada. Almost 50.000 Syrian refugees have been resettled in Canada. Moreover, the first wave of Syrians will begin to apply for Canadian citizenship soon.

What is a Refugee Claim Process

Canada is committed to protecting refugees and will never send them back to persecution. People who get to Canada can claim refugee protection at any border crossing point, or if they are inside Canada, they can make a claim at the IRCC offices. Such claims usually are quite complex, since a claimant must prove that his/her life and security are endangered. We recommend refugee claimants to be represented by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with expertise in protecting refugees. You can come to Canada as a government-sponsored refugee or as a privately sponsored refugee.

Government-sponsored refugees

Refugees that are government-sponsored are those whose resettlement in Canada is supported by Canadian authorities. It is usually processed by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) identified by the government of Canada.

Privately sponsored refugees

The Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program enables individuals or groups in Canada to sponsor international asylum-seekers who are eligible to come to Canada. Sponsors commit to providing financial support for the refugees for the whole time of the sponsorship. The sponsorship periods usually last for one year, but in some cases, refugees may be eligible for assistance for a longer time of up to three years.

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