Visit Canada

Canada is a very welcoming country, however, in some cases, foreigners must get a visa and to meet some other requirements to visit Canada.

Why visit Canada

There might be dozens of good reasons why a foreigner should visit Canada.  Canada is among the most unique states on the planet since it is a country of a multicultural society. Being one of the safest and most peaceful nations, Canada welcomes people from everywhere, whether you come as an immigrant or a tourist, international student or foreign worker. Canadians will greet with open hearts.

What you might need to visit Canada

First of all, a foreign national must have a valid passport or any other travel document to legally cross the Canadian border. Canada cares a lot about the health of its residents, so you also might need proof of not being ill with some dangerous illness. A foreigner also should show that he/she has sufficient funds to pay the living expenses during the visit. When crossing a border, the Canadian immigration officer must be sure that you will not stay in Canada illegally.  To prove that you may need some documents. Awwad & Associates will be happy to guide you what specific documents you should prepare depending on your country of origin.

In some case, a visitor may also need a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada. Be advised that air companies must make sure you have valid travel documents when you enter Canada. If you do not have the proper documents, your trip may be delayed.

Remember! Travel documents from some countries may be not considered reliable and the will not allow you to visit Canada. Check the reliability of your passport before coming to Canada!

Visas and exemptions

A foreigner might need a temporary resident visa (TRV) to visit Canada, depending on the citizenship. Some countries are visa-exempt countries due to bilateral agreements between Canada and many other states. To find the list of visa-exempt countries, visit the Canada Border Services Agency website for more information. Be aware that if you don’t need a TRV, it doesn’t allow you to work in Canada! You need to obtain a work permit. Same is about a study in Canada. You need a study permit to attend an educational program in Canada. The only exception is if the study program is six months and shorter. For all other matters, a foreigner will need a TRV to visit Canada.

Electronic Travel Authorization

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) allows foreigners from visa-exempt countries to visit Canada or to transit via Canadian Airports. eTa is digitally linked to your travelling document and is valid for up to five years. eTA allows you unlimited entry to Canada if you stay for up to six months. If you already reside in Canada and want to travel across the country, you don’t need eTa. Be advised that eTA does not guarantee entry to the country. You will still be required to show a valid passport and other supporting documents.


Canada may also check your criminal record. Some people can be considered inadmissible and therefore, they can be prohibited to come to Canada. Several cases can make you inadmissible, such as involvement in criminal activity, human rights violations, or organized crime.

Do you want to Visit Canada and have any questions? Contact Awwad & Associates to get all required information!